Today's Moon 2014/05/16

What lies over yonder, across the Narrow Sea?


Today’s Moon 2014/05/16

Flower Blossom in Singapore

Firstly, this isn’t exactly a travel post

since this place is just a 5 minutes walk away from home. However, due to the recent weather fluctuation that probably made the trees think its a winter to spring transition, almost all the trees and plants in Singapore have decided to bloom all at once, giving us a chance to imagine that Singapore finally has sakura flowers. Seeing this opportunity, I grabbed my camera and made my out out for a practice session.

First sight I saw entering the path.

First sight I saw entering the path.

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Get Lost while Travelling

“It’s not that bad getting lost while travelling, for it is then you’ll find much more than you bargained for.

You step out of the conventional roads that other tourists care to take, and find yourself amidst a new culture.

And then there is nothing familiar around you, bombarded by News and Olds from all sides.

That is what travelling is, cultural immersion.”


Day 5 Part 1: Damyang Bamboo Forest

Leaving Gwangju

The view in Gwangju itself was already spectacular, with the really long straight roads through the city.

Long road that stretches out.

Long road that stretches out.

Just a quiet roadside in the morning.

Just a quiet roadside in the morning.

I’m already missing this kind of scenery. Its fine though, I will be back in Korea for a semester exchange in Pohang in a few months time. I wonder if Pohang looks somewhat like this. According to one of Mr Park’s recommendation and a little guide pasted on his walls, I decided to head to Damyang. Continue reading

Sungei Buloh

While walking toward Sungei Buloh if you took the bus 963 that doesn't stop right outside Sungei Buloh

While walking toward Sungei Buloh if you took the bus 963 that doesn’t stop right outside Sungei Buloh

Going there:

Firstly, going to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve is not as simple simply because its located right out of civilization. You first have to take a the MRT to Kranji, then hop onto bus 925. 925 turns in and stop right outside Sungei Buloh on Sundays and public holidays, but it does not on weekdays and Saturdays. However, if you take 925 on a Sunday or public holiday, you will not be able to pass by gardens like the above by foot. Here is the “how to go” from the official website. Oh, the wait time/interval of the bus 925 is quite long, so don’t give up!

It was a Saturday when a friend and I went, so we the bus stopped a distance away from Sungei Buloh, and we walked in. It was a quiet morning walk at around 8am, so it was still considerably cooling. Trust me, its an enjoyable walk, and everyone should try it, unless it is between 10am – 4pm, then it might be too warm hot to be walking without shades.

The stretch of road to walk if going on weekdays or Saturdays.

The stretch of road to walk if going on weekdays or Saturdays.



Inside Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve

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Day 4: On the Road to Gwangju City

Gwangju Uprising, and Gwangju being at or near the location of Baekje have led me to want to visit the city at least once. The surrounding towns are also beautiful and less crowded places to visit, which I had to Damyang and Suncheon, and I’m glad I did!

First of all, even the KTX trip down to Gwangju was an eye-opener for a small-city dweller like me, who has never taken a train cross country. I think a ride across the country is always a better experience, no matter which mode of transport (maybe except flying), so that we can view the landscape of the rural countryside.



Farm(?) at Cheonan

Farm(?) at Cheonan

As the KTX train approached the southern area, the scenery took a turn. the southern areas aren’t as cold as the nothern areas, so there weren’t much snow. Continue reading

Korea Day 3 Part 2: Kyobo Bookstore and Gwanghwamun

After the little stroll around and near Ehwa Women’s University, I took the metro to gyungbukgong station, hoping to visit the palace and maybe the bukchon alley that is one of the most famous tourist spots around that area.

As I walked out of the exit, I saw an entrance to a bookstore. Being someone who has a penchant for books, even without knowing which bookstore it was since it was an impromptu itinerary for that day, I went ahead and walked into it. As I approached the entrance, the place started to look strangely familiar. And as I stepped inside, I instantly recognised the place! It is the bookstore that appeared many times in several variety shows! I most remember it from The Human Condition, the episodes on reading books. Being able to read some Korean, it took me no time to become so immersed in the books until an hour and half has passed.

These are the books I bought: (from the right)

1. 멈추면, 비로소 보이는 것들 ( Things that you finally see when you stop)

2. 1cm+

3. 오늘, 또 사랑을 미뤘다 (Today, Love was Postponed Again)

4. 인생의 수업 (Life’s Lesson)

5. 엄마를 부탁해 ( Please Take Care of Mom) [This one was bought a long time ago through an online shop.]

2014-05-05 16.01.23As of now, I have only read about two thirds of the first book on the list. oops. Shall start reading them again maybe during my Korea exchange trip in Pohang University.

20131221-DSC_0169Up the stairs of one of the exits (the one with the stairs right outside the glass door) was this set of stones with a quote carved onto them, saying:

사람은 책을 만들고

Saram-eun chaeg-eul mandeul-go

Men make (write) books and

책은 사람을 만든다

chaeg-eun saram-eul mandeunda

Books make a man.

I have seen this quote from some Koreans’ instagram before, but seeing it firsthand was a different feel. More beautiful. More magnificent. More resonant.

A short walk away was gwanghwamun square, which on the day I was there, had a small scale exhibition on the Korean War from 1950 to 1953. All the flags of the countries which took part in the war were there standing proud in the wind. 20131221-DSC_0182I always have a soft spot for such topics on War and such, and so while reading one of the passages on one of those boards about soldiers from the different countries coming together to defend the South, I got so touched I think I teared a little. Maybe not. Can’t remember 😛

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