Day 3 Morning: Ewha Women’s University

3rd day in Seoul, I had planned to visit one of the mountains, maybe Bukhansan, that day, but made a last minute change of mind. Reason was the slippery roadw covered with snow, and the under equipped me to hike up the mountains. Almost slipped and fell so many times during the Suwon Fortress walk.

So I headed out to one of the more popular Universities in Seoul, the Ewha Women’s University! I’ve heard a lot about the school, about how pretty it is and its students are. (:D)

20131221-DSC_0160The wall art right at the entrance of the school. So colourful~


The view of the school once you step through the entrance. Not much of a crowd, since it was during the winter break.


If my college ever had such beautiful gardens, my motivation to go to school might be prolonged.. for a few weeks maybe 😛  



The snow covered (partly) garden of the school. Can never see such a scene in Singapore.20131221-DSC_0149This is perhaps one of the most spectacular area of the school, the underground lecture halls. The lecture theatres are accessible through the doors below the number labels. I never went in, because there was a sign that said “Only Students”. And I’m a male. Maybe next time though~
After walking around the school, even climbing to one of the highest point on a hill behind it, I made my way to the markets in the vicinity just right outside the school.

2013-12-21 11.43.16

While walking along the streets, I was constantly reminded of Taiwan’s Night Markets. They both have a common feel.
2013-12-21 12.54.18 Cheap bags! Only 10,000 won per bag, which is about $12 SGD per.

Finally, after lunch, I made my way toward Gyungbukgong Palace for the afternoon walk~







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